Prom royalty Nathan and Emma win over McNick community

At this year’s junor/senior Prom on April 18, seniors Emma McDermott and Nate Hazzard were crowned king and queen. The theme of Prom was “Prompeii: Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow” and the Prom Court included six men and six women who were chosen by the faculty and staff.

As their final weeks of senior year come to a close, McDermott and Hazzard look back on the last four years at McNicholas; what their time here has meant and what their futures hold beyond the walls of McNick.

Q: Describe how you felt when you heard you won the crown.

EM: “I was surprised when I heard I won the crown because I was not expecting it.”

NH: “I was very surprised, but honored that I had been chosen for this.  There were so many great people on the court and the whole experience was great.”

Q: What have you done at McNick to help you win Prom King/Queen?

EM: “I don’t know how they judged, but I try to be nice to everyone around me whether I know them or not.”

NH: “I didn’t really make an effort to win, but I’ve just always tried to be positive and nice towards others.”

Q: What was the most exciting part after winning?

EM: “Just running back to my friends, who were really excited for me.”

NH: “The king/queen and court dance was fun and a bunch of people wanted pictures with us afterwards.”

Q: Did you think that your partner was going to get the crown, or were you surprised to see them win?

EM: “I already had a couple people in mind who I thought would be king, and Nate was one of them, so I was not surprised when I heard Nate won. He definitely deserved it.​ I thought it was very cool how we were walking partners and both ended up winning.”

NH: “I didn’t really think about who was going to win before the dance, but I think she definitely deserved it.”

Q: What has been your favorite part about McNick?

EM: “My favorite part about McNick is the sense of community. I remember when I was a freshman, the Class of 2015 was a bit separated but now being a senior, I feel like we have developed a sense of togetherness and have grown together well.”

NH: “I’ve always appreciated the community of McNick and how the teachers and students genuinely care for each other.”

Q: Where do you plan on attending college?

EH: “I am going to Capital University (in Columbus, Ohio) to study nursing.”

NH: “I am going to Ohio State.”

Q: What will you miss the most about McNicholas?

EM: “I will definitely miss my friends, Mr. Lowden, and the great opportunities I had.”

NH: “I will miss some of my teachers and my classmates.”

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