Twitter accounts you’re not following but should be

It’s no secret that Twitter is one of the most widespread used social media websites in today’s world. In the midst of the millions of accounts, it can be pretty easy to get lost in the madness. How much of your time are you spending on valuable accounts, and how much time are you spending on mindless accounts like “Hot Dogs or Legs?” Fast track your followings to these Twitter accounts.

For all McNick students:

ImageMcNick Schedules- @McNickSchedules

McNick is a busy place, and more than likely there will be some sort of event disrupting the normal daily schedule. Take a peek at this twitter page in the morning while getting ready for school to be aware that you have that 20 minute homeroom before first bell, an AM mass, etc.

For the fun fact lovers:

ImageRandom Facts- @factsandtrivia

If you’re someone who never gets tired of sharing your wealth of knowledge at social gatherings or loves having the upper hand in a game of Trivia Crack, let this feed be your new go-to for random facts.

For those fascinated with photography:

ImageGlobe Pics- @Globe_Pics

Although the Queen City is a great place to live, you may often find yourself in need of a vacation. With outstanding photography from places all around the world, after spending some time on this feed you’re sure to have gotten your fix of paradise for the day.

For the iPhone users:

ImageAll iPhone- @iPhoneTeam

With approximately 42% of smartphone owners owning an iPhone, this page appeals to many people across the nation. If you’re #teamiPhone and looking for tips on how to save battery, announcements about new software updates, or just some news updates on Apple itself then look no further!

For those Living the Fourth:

ImageKairos Quotes- @Kairos_Quotes

If it’s just “one of those days” and you’re looking for some motivation and uplifting words, check out Twitter’s own K-Family to be reminded of the sense of support you found on your own retreat.

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