Gr8ness spreads among McNick student

From May 18-25, many are participating in the movement “8 Days of Gr8ness.” This movement, inspired by Brogan Dulle and started by his family, is about spreading greatness by giving of ourselves for eight days.

“McNick is already an amazing place where great happens, but this is something I thought that our students and faculty would really benefit from.  It is a great way to remember that small acts can make a big difference,” physical education teacher Cheryl Heise said.

A year ago, Turpin graduate Brogan Dulle went missing, and everyone in the community spent the next eight days searching for him.  After eight days of searching, police found Dulle’s body in the building next to his apartment.  The 8 Days of Gr8ness is in honor of Brogan, and the people who spent those eight days searching for him.

“After taking part in this movement, I want the students to remember that everyone matters, and that anything they say that doesn’t lift someone up, shouldn’t be said,” Heise said.

These 8 Days of Gr8ness include kindness, gratitude, generosity, selflessness, love, remembrance, passion, and celebration.  For May 18’s kindness theme, students wrote post its and filled them with kind words to give to other students. For gratitude on Tuesday, May 19, students wrote thank you notes to others. The other events for the week include:

Wednesday, May 20:  Generosity. There will be boxes in the café and lobby for extra school supplies that students may have but didn’t use.  These will be donated to inner city schools.

Thursday, May 21: Selflessness. For this day, students should take time away from electronics to spend time with family and friends.

Friday, May 22: Love. Students should take time to tell those around them how much they love them.

Saturday, May 23: Remembrance. The goal for this day is for students to take time to make a memory with their families.

Sunday, May 24: Passion. Families are encouraged to show passion for their faith by attending mass together.

Monday, May 25: Celebration. Students should celebrate Memorial Day with their families and honor those who have given selflessly of themselves in the fight for freedom.

The family of Dulle chose these eight qualities because they felt and saw these while the whole community helped them search for Brogan, and they now want everyone else to feel them as well.

For more information, visit 8 Days of Gr8ness’ website, or you can find the page on Facebook, which is also called 8 Days of Gr8ness.

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