McNick artists take on the Taft Museum in ARC program

The McNicholas Art Program along with 14 other schools in the Cincinnati area have been given the unique opportunity to be part of the Artists Reaching Classrooms (ARC) program through the Taft Museum. McNicholas is in its third year of the program that includes visits to the Taft Museum and a local art studio as well as classroom visits by four working artists in the Cincinnati area.
ARC provides mentoring and scholarship opportunities while exposing young artists to many different artistic careers. “The students are able to talk to real local artists, and they are able to gain a deeper appreciation for different types of art,” photography teacher Rebecca Curran said.
The McNicholas students who are part of the program will submit their own pieces as part of a final project that will be displayed in the museum at the end of the year. The final project must be inspired by something they learned about during their visit to the Taft Museum and depending on how it fares in the judging by the museum’s docents, they could receive one of several available art scholarships.
Later in the year there will be an exhibit of all the submitted art work from all the students at the Cincinnati Public Library downtown on Vine St.
“It has made my students see art differently, has broadened their horizons of art, and given them great opportunities,” Curran said.

taft pic
Seniors Emma Heise and Gillian Tierney display their photography in McNick’s photo class. Both are in the Artists Reaching Classrooms program through the Taft Museum, and plan to submit a project later in the year for scholarship opportunities.

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