New students, teachers reflect on first semester

Many new students and teachers have come to McNick this year, with four being alumni.  The new teachers include choral teacher Dr. Loretta Graner, science teacher Mrs. Cathryn Lest, math teachers Mrs. Ashley Brothers and Mrs. Kendra Lonneman, history teacher Ms. Katherine Hayes, and art teacher Ms. Rebecca Curran. The new students are junior Sofia DiGiovanni, sophomore Trevor Wray, and senior David Lang.

Brothers, who graduated McNick in 2001, taught math at Loveland for nine years, but she felt like she needed to give back to the school that has given her so much.  In her first few months, she worked with the Homecoming committee to make the time around Homecoming more exciting.

“It has been a lot of long days and hours trying to get everything prepared for the first year, but I couldn’t be happier with my decision.  The faculty and staff has been so supportive, and the kids here are the best,” Brothers said.

Hayes decided to teach at McNick because she had just moved back to the Midwest after living in Colorado, and she also wanted to teach high schoolers rather than middle schoolers.  Since she has been at McNick she has been struggling with understanding the software, grading system, online textbooks, and just learning her way around Cincinnati and McNick.

“I truly believe that our school has amazing students who are smart, engaging, fun, respectful and most of all, kind.  I see students being kind to each other on a daily basis,” Hayes said.

Graner was given the opportunity to teach the AP Music Theory class and to direct the choir.  She was previously a long-term sub at Notre Dame Academy and before that she was a full time church musician.  She loves how kind and supportive everyone is, and how welcomed she has felt in her first semester here.

“What I like most about being at McNick is being part of a community that cares so deeply for the students that they work hard together to ensure the students’ academic success and spiritual health,” Graner teachers

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