Blood Drive held in alumni family’s honor

The McNicholas family gathers together through the good and the bad. Earlier this year, McNick supported junior Adrian Ell through her battle with cancer and on Jan.29, the community celebrated with ’98 grads Bridget (Liette) and Bret Dennis whose 18-month-old son has been cured of SCID (Severe Combined Immunodeficiency). To thank Hoxworth Blood Supply, the Dennis Family  held a Blood Drive in honor of Ryan and their family.

Ryan Dennis was born with SCID, a genetic condition, making him unable to create any T-Cells which are vital to fighting off any type of infection. Because of Ryan’s SCID, the Dennis family lived in confinement to make sure Ryan didn’t contract any illness. The family searched for a bone marrow match for Ryan, the only known cure for SCID. Ryan received his Bone Marrow Transplant Jan. 21, 2015 and 9 months later, Ryan was declared cured of SCID.

The Hoxworth Blood Drive was held from 2-7pm and 43 people were able to attend, which included many McNick grads, teachers, and even students. The blood drive raised 36 units of blood for Hoxworth. Junior Miranda Roesel donated blood, which is a cause close to her heart since her older brother received blood during surgery. Math teacher and McNicholas alumna Ashley Brothers said that we should support and help all members of the McNicholas family whether current students or graduates. “The students who came before are the building blocks of the school,” Brothers said. “Once you’re a Rocket, you’re always a part of the community.”

Junior, Miranda Roesel participated in the Hoxworth Blood Drive on Jan. 29. Roesel donates blood regularly with her family; this was her third time donating blood during her high school career and now can receive a red cord at graduation.

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