Rockets after 2:40: Lauren Mindrum performs theater onstage, service for children offstage

McNick is full of over 600 students, each with a unique story and background. The McNicholas Milestone Staff will be featuring personality profiles on many of these students throughout the year. Students are randomly chosen using the letter generator, and then finding students on Schoology using the chosen letters. For this personality profile, the letters aligned with sophomore Lauren Mindrum.

Mindrum is involved in Service Club and the Theater Department around McNick. She has been involved in general theater since she was five years old. Most recently, she was involved in the McNick production of The Addams Family (Jan. 2016), and also played Kitty in McNick’s production of Pride and Prejudice (Nov. 2015). “My favorite part of theater is performing and being someone I’m not. It gives me more confidence to be on stage as somebody else than as myself,” she said. Mindrum remains a participant in performing arts outside of school, too. She has been taking ballet for 14 years, tap for 13, jazz for 11, and pointe for 2, as well as voice lessons.

Outside of theater, Mindrum also loves service. Her favorite place besides the theater is Camp Stepping Stones. “It’s a camp that works with disabled kids and it makes me so happy. I always look forward to going. It has changed my life so much and all the kids there are so inspirational,” she said.

Specifically, Mindrum loves service work with children, and she also wants to travel often when she’s older. Her dream job would involve being a pediatrician (a medical practitioner specializing in children) and travelling to third world countries to help people there, especially children. “It involves what I love to do; service work, travel, helping people, and work with children,” she said.

Lauren Addams Family
Lauren Mindrum performs during the McNicholas production of The Addams Family. She played an ancestor featured as a flapper during the show, and played Kitty in the November performance of Pride and Prejudice.
Lauren at Stepping Stones
Lauren Mindrum often works with children at Camp Stepping Stones, a camp that offers summer day camp for disabled children. “I love seeing all the spirit of the kids. They’re all so happy so I feel like I should be happy too. They can’t do everything I do, but they’re still happy and I just love seeing them happy,” she said. 

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