All’s good in the hood(ie): McNicholas’ policy debated

As winter grips the parking lots, walkways, halls, and classrooms of McNicholas High School, it brings with it a great evil: hoodies. For years, the hoodie policy at McNicholas has been a source of debate between students, teachers, and administrators. With a strict hoodie policy that states that no hoodies can be worn, McNicholas spirit wear or otherwise, many students feel strongly about reversing the policy.

Every year, and possibly every day, students receive detentions for their donning of the so feared hooded sweatshirts, but is there even a point to all of it? McNicholas senior Jimmy Wegener didn’t seem to think so. “Getting written up for wearing a hoodie is getting in trouble for trying to stay warm. We should be focusing our time and energy on positive things, or situations that are actually a problem,” Wegener said.

Wegener didn’t seem to be the only one sharing the sentiment. “Wearing a hoodie doesn’t hurt anyone, so why should they care?” junior Nathan Rivard stated.

It doesn’t appear that the students of McNicholas are the only ones who find the hoodie policy to be questionable. Student Moderator Gerard Kissel said, “It’s a shame and they ought to reconsider the policy.” He added, “If it says McNick on it and looks good, [I think] anything is fine.” Despite the policy being in place to “sharpen the image of the students,” it seems that the general opinion is not that hoodies are detrimental to the image of the student body.

Unfortunately, it seems that the hoodie policy may not change. “I don’t see it changing,” Kissel said. “Unfortunately I don’t think it will change,” senior Nick Staderman said. However, even with debate plaguing the topic, some students remain positive. “I hope that maybe there will be a point where we can get this policy reversed, maybe not this year but soon I hope,” senior Emma Heise said. It seems even with the support of the student moderator and the student body, the policy is likely to stay in place and the hoodies will remain outlawed. However, despite the pessimism that some students seem to feel, McNicholas Principal Ms. Patty Beckert seemed to have a surprising amount of hope. “I do think there is a possibility for change.  And I personally feel it might be time to update the policy.”


McNicholas students break the hoodie policy while studying in class, a policy that seems to be outdated and on its way out.

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