Penny day/blood drive wrap up: Students complete another successful day of giving

As the end of February comes to a close, so do the results of Penny Day and the Annual Blood Drive. Last week the McNicholas community teamed up for the annual Student Day of Giving to raise money for struggling families through the Catholic Inner-City Schools Education Fund (CISE), Nicaragua (Project Education), and McNicholas High School (Tuition Assistance) through its annual Penny Day. Students were encouraged to bring coins, paper money, or checks to help raise at least $5,000. In total, $5,575 was collected, which will be distributed among the three various organizations: $1,000 will be allocated to CISE, $2,075 to Project Education in Nicaragua, and $2,500 to Tuition Assistance at McNicholas. This year the faculty and student body helped make the push over $100,000 collected cumulatively in the 17-year history of this unique McNicholas tradition.


This day was also declared “tech-free,” meaning that no tablets were allowed on campus for the whole day in order to really immerse the students in the spirit of giving- whether it be through pennies, blood, or simply communicating and reaching out to each other. Theology teacher and Service Coordinator Mr. Sam Roflow said, “We are taking this opportunity to take the focus off of ourselves.”


Hoxworth Blood Center was also on campus on Friday, Feb. 26, and anyone at least 16 years of age (with parental consent) was given the opportunity to donate blood. Students who donated played a role in supporting need at area hospitals. At McNicholas, 112 people registered, resulting in 84 whole blood donations, 2 double reds, saving 259 lives. According to Hoxworth, student donors from more than 125 high schools account for approximately 14% of all donations made in the Greater Cincinnati area.


Sophomore Julia Lind shows her support in giving blood and saving lives.

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