Students register to choose next president

For many members of the McNicholas Class of 2016, the recent primaries were the first chance that they had to vote for a potential presidential candidate. Not only did several students vote, but 109 students registered to vote in the upcoming elections that will be held in November.

Having 109 students register to vote reflects the passion that some McNicholas students feel towards making sure that everyone exercises their right to vote. “You are choosing a potential future leader for the country and as Americans we are given this special right to vote that so many other people in the world are denied,” senior Shelby Miller said.

Not only do McNicholas students feel passionate about voting as a whole, but some students feel very strongly for the candidates that they voted for. Senior Josh Poole, a Trump supporter, said, “He is a strong and smart leader and has firm goals for the future. He speaks to the people and what the people want. I agree sometimes he can be loud and say things politicians probably shouldn’t say, but I think he will actually get things done unlike a typical politician.” Trump was not the only candidate garnering large support from the senior class though. Senior Connor Higgins supports Republican John Kasich. “I don’t like really any of the Republican candidates, but he’s the one I dislike the least. He favors clean energy, he doesn’t favor the legalization of marijuana, he doesn’t agree with abortion…and he’s like the most normal of all of the candidates out there,” Higgins said.

Nominees for the Republican and the Democratic parties will be confirmed at the Republican and Democratic National Conventions to be held in July. Election Day for the 45th President of the United States will be held on Nov. 8, 2016.


Over 109 McNicholas students registered to vote on March 15 in preparation for the election in November. Several of these students took an opportunity to vote in the recent primary elections.



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