Theater to perform murder mystery as spring play

With the spring comes the final production from the McNicholas High School Theater program. This year’s spring play is titled Murder’s in the Heir, a comedy-drama that involves the audience, which is  unlike many of their other productions. Opening on April 21 and running through the 24, the play involves a murder mystery where the murder is voted on by the audience. This unique play was chosen and directed by Teresa De Zarn. “The audience getting involved in the play will make it unique and I think that it will really capture the audience’s attention because of it,” senior Taylor Ashmore stated.

Ashmore, appearing in her first play at McNicholas, is one of the many cast members of this production. The cast is as expansive as it is diverse, featuring actors and actresses from all four classes at McNicholas. Freshman such as Mark Dill and Ellie White are featured in the cast while sophmore Zane Bartel is one of the several from his class who will be featured in the production. Juniors Lauren Alvarez and Jarod Estes, along with seniors Bailey Bramble and Nick Robben, will help provide a veteran part of the cast.

The comedy-drama Murder’s in the Heir will run April 21 through the 24 at the Jeanne Spurlock Theatre at McNicholas High School. The times of the shows will be 7 PM on April 21, 7:30 PM on both April 22 and 23, and 2 PM on April 4. For tickets visit the McNicholas website.

thumbnail_murder in the heir 2
The McNicholas Theater’s newest production, Murder’s in the Heir, opens on April 21st in the Jean Spurlock theater.

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