Service Club invited back for second SEM Haven senior prom

Every year, the Service Club at McNick has the opportunity to go to SEM Haven, a retirement community in Milford, where they participate in a prom with all of the residents who live there.  The students talk to the residents and their family members, and dance with them if they are able to.

Every year there is a senior king and queen announced that five students help choose, and there is also a student king and queen. The king and queen for the first SEM Haven prom this year was Connor Higgins and Lexi Gauger.  The king and queen for the second prom was Wade Brokamp and Lauren Mindrum.  The first SEM Haven prom McNicholas students participated in this year was March 17, and the residents had enjoyed it enough to where they wanted the students to return on April 13 for a second prom.

“I think the part I liked the most about going to SEM Haven was that it allowed me to see that life doesn’t have to be boring for older people as long as there are others who care enough about them to help make their lives more exciting,” sophomore Isabella Daley said.

Participating in the SEM Haven prom is a great opportunity to challenge yourself to meet new people, and even learn something about yourself.

“The seniors at SEM Haven have remarkable stories to tell and may change your life. I had one lady who gave me a motivational speech for about 10 minutes, which truly moved me. I will definitely be coming back to the SEM Haven prom next year,” sophomore Grace Turner said.

Theology teacher and Service Club moderator Mr. Sam Roflow can’t say enough about the students who participated in the proms.  “I feel like a very proud dad. These students just jump right in. I’m not sure I could have done that at their age,” Roflow said.

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