Liturgy choir sings their way through McNick

McNicholas’ Liturgy Choir provides musical leadership for the students and faculty in worship.  They perform at every monthly mass, and for other occasions such as freshman orientation or graduation.

The leader of the Liturgy Choir is Dr. Loretta Graner, who is also the AP music theory teacher.

“I had experience with high school students in worship in my position as Director of Music for a church, so I knew I would enjoy it and I do,” Graner said.

There is no audition for Liturgy Choir; it is open to anyone who enjoys singing.  They meet every Monday and Wednesday from 2:50-4:00 p.m., and they receive .5 credit.

In addition to singers and some solos, Dr. Graner encourages instrumentalists to join them for Masses.  Also, if anyone is thinking of joining next year they are encouraged to contact Dr. Graner because she will think of ways to incorporate everyone interested next year.

“I don’t have any solos in particular. I have had solos but for the most part, the people in choir alternate in singing solos, so that everyone gets their chance in the spotlight,” sophomore Alyssa Taylor said.

If you have any questions you can e-mail Dr. Graner, or simply go and talk to her.

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