Sophomores grow in spirit at retreat

On April 21 and April 22, the sophomore class embarked on the annual Sophomore Day of Renewal. This retreat took place at the Bartlett Pastoral Center at the Athenaeum of Ohio. The Class of 2018 was split in half to go Thursday and the other half on Friday.  The theme of the experience this year was “Growing in the Spirit,” which was led by the Campus Ministry team and 40 members of the senior class.

Several members of the Class of 2018 recalled that the senior speeches were their favorite part of the experience. Sophomore Trey Ackel said, “I learned from something Adam Neltner said, ‘If you’re beginning to doubt your goal, you’ve probably set the right one.’ In this quote, he is referring to ambition and the fact that your goals should challenge you and not be too easy to attain so that you truly better yourself in attaining them.”

The seniors attributed speeches to help get the message out that everyone struggles with internal problems and that no one is alone. The goal was for the speeches to be positive in their outcome, and to inspire hope among those that look up to them for guidance.

“I learned it’s important to be yourself and find a core group of friends who love you,” sophomore Mitchell Kling concluded.

Sophomore Kiley Byrne takes a stand at the podium to reflect among her peers. This retreat was intended for the Class of 2018 to express themselves and develop through faith.

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