Three times a Rocket: Athletes compete all year

There are few student athletes at McNicholas who take on the responsibility of playing three sports during the school year.  The three sports seasons of fall, winter, and spring during the school year gives students the chance to play more than one sport as a Rocket.

Senior Morgan Vogler has chosen to be a three sport athlete. She plays volleyball in the fall, basketball in the winter, and runs track in the spring. “I play all three sports because I love them. Being on three different teams means I have three different families. Having a family to come to every day is a big part of why I participate in three sports,” Vogler said.

Sophomore Thomas McDermott participated in three sports during his freshman year: football, basketball and track but has chosen only two sophomore year. “I really like sports, so I wanted to see what it was like to play three, then decide which ones I would continue to play through the rest of high school,” he said. McDermott decided to drop basketball and focus on football weight lifting during the winter season.

Vogler’s life does not change much from season to season because she said she eats healthy all year and stays on top of her homework. “Volleyball season is definitely my least healthy season. [During] basketball I get better because practice involves more running. I take [track season] most serious. Eating healthy is one way that I can prepare my body for level I want to reach,” she said. McDermott also does not feel as though his life changes drastically from season to season. “The amount of free time I have does not change that much, because my weekends are still open,” McDermott said.

Both agreed that stress level is one thing that does change during the year, though. “Volleyball is my most stressful season. The start of school you want to start out strong with great grades. Volleyball is the most time consuming season which makes for planning ahead so I don’t get behind,” Vogler said. McDermott agreed that being busy with sports helps him keep on track with his schoolwork.

From bumping and spiking to running up and down the court to springing laps on the track, Vogler’s activity level changes through the months. “Track is by far the most physically demanding. The hurdles take a toll on my legs and not having a day off since last summer gets to my knees,” she said. McDermott said he got less sleep during basketball season because the team would lift in the mornings before school.

Vogler plans to run track in college, while McDermott, on the other hand, still has many more seasons left as a Rocket.

Morgan Vogler competes in the 100 meter hurdles at the Division II State Track and Field Meet in May 2016 as a junior. She was the regional and district champion in the event.

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