School psychologist supports student success

Matthew Musselman has been a school psychologist for 26 years, and started working at McNicholas High School during the 2003-2004 school year. The first half of his career was spent at inner city schools.

As a school psychologist, Musselman works with students who have emotional disturbances, learning impairments, or English as a second language. The majority of students he works with are referred to him from the guidance department when a counselor feels that he is more equipped to deal with the student’s problems. Most of his work focuses on one-on-one sessions with students to help them improve their academic skills, organization, and time management, and he also works with parents and teachers on how to help their students work to their full potential. Musselman said his main goal is to find “ways to help kids figure out how to have the best high school experience they can academically and socially.”

“When I initially sit down with kids, I do an interview with them to get to know them and explore why we’re meeting. I do a lengthy interview that covers everything from sleep habits to how they keep track of their assignments and hobbies and McNicholas in general; what they like and don’t like about school,” Musselman said. He works to learn “how those things have an impact in their academic performance and day-to-day life,” as “there’s so many different things going on in someone’s life that can affect them,” he added.

Instead of doing continued traditional therapy sessions, Musselman will meet with students a few times, then either himself or the guidance staff will refer the students and their parents to agencies where they can receive more support, if necessary.

on the McNicholas campus every Thursday, Friday, and alternating Wednesdays, Musselman spends his other work days at Guardian Angels School. His office is located on the second floor of the convent, at the end of the foreign language hall. If students would like to meet with him, they should talk to their guidance counselor, or contact him directly at

“One of the things I love about this job is that it’s never the same. Every day is different. I work with different kids grades K-12, and I [help] with a variety of issues… and help them get over the hurdles they’re facing,” Musselman said.

School Psychologist Matthew Musselman is a long-time member of the Rocket community. Both his son and daughter graduated from McNick, and he is a parishioner of Guardian Angels. He said that it is nice working in a community that he knows well, since he’s familiar with its ups and downs.

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