Readers have spoken; bring back book club

It the school year 2015-2016, a book club was created by librarians Anne Jones and Jane Ray. One group of the book club met during lunch A and another one during lunch B. Members met on a monthly basis on the first Wednesday of each month. Even though interest was high in the beginning last year, membership dwindled to attracting six students in A Lunch and three students in B Lunch. The club has not yet started this year because of the continued low turnout last year, but it should continue for those who love to read.

For those who enjoy reading and discussing books, book club is a perfect fit.  Run by students, the book clubs provided a place for reading and discussing books for those who love to read.  “In A lunch we would pick a genre to read for the month, and a student would volunteer to do an activity. We would come talk about the book we read, do our activity, and have some snacks and treats,” Jones said. “The [B Lunch] group didn’t really want to commit to reading together, even to the point of doing a genre. So it was more of a ‘What did you read this month, what you read and what you liked,’” Jones added.

Junior Alyssa Taylor was involved in the B lunch book club last year. “It’s fun, honestly, meeting new people who like different aspects from different books,” Taylor said.

English teacher Katie Caster was also involved in book club last year. “I had a good time. It actually made me sit down and read a book that I liked once a month,” Caster said.

Since Book Club is still a new club, it can always be improved upon. Senior Lisa Sandmann, who was involved is A lunch book club, agreed. “I think a bit more organization is needed. Things got pushed in together, like trying to get food, and a book, and a craft ready. There was just a lot going on,” Sandmann said.

Taylor also agreed. “It’s still starting out, so we are still exploring all our opinions.”

Book club has yet to begin this year, but Jones welcomes any returning members who would like to get it jump started. “If there are students who want to grab the bull by the horns and get going, there’s nothing that says that I have to be the lead in it,” Jones said. Book Club is a club that welcomes everyone from teachers to seniors to freshmen. All they ask is that you bring a book you want to share. Anyone who would like to begin Book Club for the 2016-2017 year should see Jones in the library at any time during the day.

The library is home to a club that is fun for all readers: Book Club. Book Club has not begun for the 2016-2017 school because of dwindling numbers of members last year. Those who wish to join or begin the club for this year should speak to Librarian Anne Jones.

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