Rockets after 2:40: Natalie Martinez

McNick is full of over 600 students, each with a unique story and background. The McNicholas Milestone Staff will be featuring personality profiles on many of these students throughout the year. Students are randomly chosen using the letter generator, and then finding students on Schoology using the chosen letters. For this personality profile, the letters aligned with junior Natalie Martinez.

Martinez is involved in Band, Swim Team, and is a member of the Student Council. “I have been swimming since I was five but I am passionate about everything I do,” Martinez said.

Outside of McNick, Martinez and 40 other high school students are a part of Anderson Mercy Hospitals High School Program. The program meets once a month at Anderson Mercy Hospital where the students learn about the different medical fields and get hands on experience.

“We just had our first meeting and I got to stich a banana and shock a dummy,” Martinez said. “Everybody thinks that you grab the defibrillator, rub it together and yell ‘CLEAR!’ but in reality you put the pads on the person (or dummy), set the charge, say ‘clear’, make sure nobody is touching the body, and then you shock them.”

After high school Martinez plans to go to college where she wants to study to become a doctor. “I really want to help people and my family are all in the medical field,” Martinez said.

Junior Natalie Martinez (Bottom center) and her fellow band mates prepare to perform at a competition at Simon Kenton High School. Along with band, Martinez is also part of Swim Team and a member of Student Council.

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