Cheer, cheer for McNicholas High…on Saturdays

Friday night lights. It’s something that makes the high school experience unique, unless it is McNicholas. We have top of the line athletic complexes, but one thing that we lack is lights on the football field. This poses a problem to the football team, but they make it work by playing their games on Saturday afternoons.

Senior football player Cam Haynes is not too affected by the absence of Friday night home games. As he would rather have those games, he would take a home Saturday game over an away Friday night game. “We have an advantage playing here on Saturday afternoons because teams aren’t used to playing at that time,” Haynes said. His favorite games during his career have not been determined on whether it was a home or away game; it was the dynamic of the games that made them his favorite.

Junior cheerleader Ann Rieke agreed with Haynes; she said that home games are better than away games, even if they are on Saturdays. “As a cheerleader, you cheer for the boys. They hopefully would play the same on Saturday as they would on Friday,” Rieke said. Even though she does not think that it matters what day home games are on, she would rather have the games on Friday nights since it gives the games the authentic Friday night lights feel.

Senior football player Evan Jenkins has similar views as Haynes and Rieke. He also wished that his home field had lights, but his favorite games were the Friday night games, no matter if they were home or away. He also thinks that there would be a better crowd turn out if the home games were played on Friday nights. “My experience playing football would have been different if there were lights at home, but the football playing would have stayed the same,” Jenkins said.

Senior cheerleader Cameron Cheevers said that Saturday games are a good thing to have because the boys aren’t too tired because they didn’t have a full day of school. But Cheevers would rather have Friday night games because it’s “signature” to the high school experience. “On Friday, more people would get hyped and come out to support the boys,” Cheevers said.

Sophomore spectator Haley Kohl shared similar views as Cheevers. “I would definitely rather have games on Friday. I just think that more people would attend them if they were on Fridays. Plus, Fridays are always more fun because it’s the end of the school week and people want to do something fun with their peers to kick off the weekend,” Kohl said. Because of the lack of home Friday night games, Kohl has considered going to other area schools to watch their games. “I don’t want to betray my school, but it we are not going to have our own football games that I can enjoy, there is not a lot stopping me from going to have fun at another one,” Kohl said.

McNicholas will have to continue playing home games on Saturdays until lights can be added to the football field. Haynes does not mind that he is finishing out his senior year with no Friday night lights. “It would have been a more traditional Friday night lights feel if there were lights, but it was still a good time,” Haynes said.

The Rockets celebrate after a Saturday afternoon victory against Purcell Marian after the Homecoming game on Sept. 24. The Rockets defeated the Cavaliers 27-6.

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