Former off campus lunch policy explained

Lunch is the one time during the day that the students of McNicholas are able to freely socialize with their friends. The time is open for the student body to take a break from their stressful schedule, and though the school lunch options always seem to appeal to any student’s appetite, there are some students who would like to have possibility of going off campus for lunch. “The option to go off campus [for lunch] used to be available to McNicholas students, but was cancelled in 2010 when Principal Patty Beckert decided to stop it for liability reasons,” Director of Curriculum Dan Rosenbaum said.

Student Moderator Mike Orlando agreed with this change in policy. “I would not be in favor of it.  From what I am told, there was high rate of tardiness during the few years that this was allowed, and I am sure that it would not be any better now.  Obviously having our kids out increases the risk of potential accidents simply because the increase in frequency on the roads.  Not to mention, the fact that some would be rushing to get back on time,” Orlando said.

Though the student body would like to be able to go off campus during their free bell, there is an issue on potential tardiness that would need to be addressed along with the responsibility. Orlando further explained his stance on the issue. “I like to think that we have great kids but the opportunity to make negative choices would also increase and I would not want to put our kids in that position.  I just think our time could be better served on campus as opposed to traveling for lunch,” he said.

Though the student body would enjoy the option, the idea would lead drivers into unsafe positions and put us into liability situations, and as Mr. Rosenbaum stated “The safety of our students is always put first.”

Students sit with friends during Lunch Bell F. Under current Lunch policy, students are only allowed to eat lunch in the cafe/student union.

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