Hillary Clinton: The lesser of two evils

From the editor and adviser: While major newspapers around the country are endorsing candidates for presidency and other political offices on the ballot on Nov. 8, it is not the job of a student-run newspaper to do so.  The student journalists of The McNicholas Milestone are reporting on the current election because it is important that they report on a major event affecting their audience. The political stories published under the Milestone title do not reflect the opinions of the entire journalism staff or McNicholas High School nor should they be interpreted in any way as an endorsement of a particular candidate.  The journalism staff’s plan decided to run editorial stories on both Trump and Clinton from the perspective of the individual staff writers.

The Presidential election of 2016 is Nov. 8 and the decision between the two candidates may not be an easy one for voters. With the two choices for POTUS, Hillary Clinton is a better presidential candidate than Donald Trump.

Clinton plans to increase job opportunities in every way she can. Her proposal is to spend about $275 billion in her first term to rebuild America’s roads and bridges. According to CNN, “Economists across the political spectrum call it her best economic idea.” This plan would not only help clean up many areas, but overall is said to create 10 million jobs.

As Trump preaches about his economic plans being “America First,” Clinton envisions “Family First.” While talking about her plans Clinton was quoted, “We will help you balance family and work.” She wants to enforce paid family leave that will allow families to grow and be healthy, while eliminating as much stress as possible. Her “Family First” economic vision will “empower Americans to live better lives,” Clinton said.

Once in office, the new president could be appointing up to four Supreme Court justices within his or her four year term.  These will be decided on by their stance on different issues such as pro-life vs pro-choice and immigration.  Clinton’s plan is to not deport any illegal immigrants except violent criminals and terrorists. This opens the country to plenty more people, allowing their families to grow in a safe environment. “This really is a breathtaking step toward open borders,” said Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies. “If you take that step, it needs to be put in front of the public: Do you think immigration laws are irrelevant unless the illegal immigrant has committed a violent offense or drug crime?”

While Trump’s economic plans may be preferable to wealthier people, it is very difficult to ignore the candidate’s personality and scandals throughout the years. Trump has been accused in many cases of making unwarranted sexual remarks. He has furiously denied all accusations and will often play off these accusations by making excuses, such as calling the comments “locker room talk.” His words and actions show that as a person, he is entirely unfit to try to run a country, especially one that has been working tirelessly every day toward social progress and acceptance.

When announcing that he would be running for the Republican nomination on June 16 of 2015, in regards to immigration Trump said, “They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.” Through these words, he stereotyped many people who do not deserve these titles. His character flaws would play a very big part in how he would want to run American. This could destroy many lives that never warranted this treatment.

Voting for Clinton may not be easy for some because it is difficult to get on board with everything the candidate has been accused of in the past. However, her economic plans and stance on many social issues are more than agreeable. She stands up for those who it seems Trump practically bullies and is working towards helping the country grow as a community rather than to discriminate. Clinton’s America is about helping one another, creating jobs, allowing families to thrive, and growing as an accepting country.

This commercial for Clinton depicts Trump’s America vs. Clinton’s America. It shows Trump as discriminatory and prejudiced while Clinton promotes equality and education.

Clinton works to support families and accessible education. As a mother herself, she envisions an America that can lead to a brighter future for all children. (Photo Courtesy of The Politic)

3 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton: The lesser of two evils

  1. Wow. Hillary admires Margaret Sanger so Hillary must believe everything that Margaret Sanger believes. And this quote that you call “the pinnacle of disgust and immorality” must also be something that embodies Hillary’s character. At least, that’s what it seems like you’re saying.
    “They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.” This quote is still disgusting, with or without the last sentence. This statement could be said about almost any race, including his own. The speech that this is taken from includes Trump saying that he is going to build a wall, and Mexico is going to pay for it. That is like saying “I don’t want you to come over here, so you need to build and pay for a wall that you don’t want.”
    Trump is not fit to be the President of the United States. While people admire him for not being afraid to speak his mind, his words always get him into trouble. As the representative of the people of the United States, his words will get us all into trouble. This man who can’t hold his tongue will not win many allies and our foreign relations will become a mess. Hillary is able to keep her composure and remain calm, as seen in the presidential debates, with Trump interrupting her and everyone else. He only gets louder and more nervous under pressure, and that is not what America needs.

  2. When it is stated that Donald Trump stated that “They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.” I find it interesting that you left out the sentence directly following that last sentence. The COMPLETE quote Donald Trump said was “They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.” This complete quote states that he does not believe that all of these immigrants are bad, but in fact some are good people. The use of words and word connotations should mean something, not parts of a whole point, because then words can be used as propaganda like it is in this article. If I said “I really do not like those cookies. Although, I do like the chocolate ones.” This type of article would only use the “stereotyping sentence that I said when I said “I do not like those cookies.” Even though I clearly stated “Although, I do like the chocolate ones.” Also, when it’s stated that “Clinton’s plan is to not deport any illegal immigrants except violent criminals and terrorists,” why should she only deport those that are violent criminals or terrorists? The ILLEGAL immigrants are called ILLEGAL for a reason. When a large population of people are allowed to come into America against our own laws, what regulates any of the laws they follow. They freely bypass all of our immigrant laws, yet we expect them to live by our laws once they get here? No. Some of my friends’ living relatives came in through Ellis Island. And they voiced their opinion by stating that they came here for opportunity. They went on to describe Ellis Island, the place through which most European immigrants came, as a wall. They stated that this wall was what “upheld standards which made this country so coveted and so great.” These people worked their tail-end off in order to build a life and raise a successful family on this land of opportunity and freedom. By allowing any immigrants to freely pass through the border with sights only on the criminally violent and terrorists, you are stomping on the legacy and hard work that previous LEGAL immigrants went through. This is the land of the FREE PEOPLE not the land of the free land, jobs, healthcare and welfare. This is only ONE issue among countless others (including pro-choice ideals, economic fantasies and the non-official criminal background that Clinton has.) FUN FACT: Hillary Rodham Clinton stated “I admire Margaret Sanger enormously.” I see that it is stated that Hillary’s plan is to put “Family First,” correct? Well Margaret Sanger, who Hillary admires stated her belief: “The most merciful thing that a large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it.” Now tell me that quote doesn’t alarm you as the pinnacle of disgust and immorality. Also, Hillary stated that, “Robert Byrd was a man of surpassing eloquence and nobility.” This is the same Robert Byrd that held a 14 hour and 13 minute filibuster in order to attempt to cause the prevention of the voting on the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This act banned segregation and provided the protection of voting rights especially for African Americans. If Hillary Clinton describes a man that attempted to halt the Civil Rights Act of 1964 from passing as “a man of surpassing eloquence and nobility,” I believe her to have a sense of racism greater than that of Donald Trump because Trumps accused “racist comments are taken out of context, whereas Hillary blatantly praised a man who attempted to stop the ban of segregation of races in the U.S. Just food for thought…

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