Service Club helps prep Mt. Washington Cemetery for winter

With Winter just around the corner, many people are scattering around to clean up their leaves and weeds before the winter snow falls onto them.

Julie Rimer, who takes care of the Mount Washington Cemetery, is unable to clean up all of the leaves, weeds, and branches by herself and asked around Mount Washington for help. “She asked [Service Club] to help her out, and I wanted to show how great McNicholas students are and how good of neighbors we are with Mount Washington,” Service Club moderator Sam Roflow said.

On Oct. 29 from 9 a.m.-noon, McNicholas faculty and students answered that call. “We helped cut back and gather overgrown bushes, weeds, and other various plants with rakes and garden clippers. This helped improve the community by providing better visibility for drivers driving on the road behind the cemetery,” senior Ben Fortin said.

Cleaning up weeds, bushes, and leaves usually gets boring for most teenagers, but senior Andy Schmidt thought otherwise. “This was my first ever time cleaning up the cemetery and my favorite part was hacking away at shrubs with a hatchet, because you don’t get to do that every day. We helped improve the community around us and if we hadn’t done it, the city would have come in with harsh chemicals and just killed it all. I would definitely do it again,” Schmidt said.

“McNicholas has built a strong relationship with Julie and we are going to try to go out and help her three to four times a year,” Roflow said.

On Oct. 29, members of the McNicholas Service Club brought their rakes, clippers, and shovels to Mt. Washington Cemetery ready to work and show their McNicholas pride to help clean up the sacred ground before winter. The cemetery was established in the heart of Mt. Washington in 1855. “We volunteer there at least once a year and have done so for five straight years,” said Service Club moderator Sam Roflow.

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