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Service Club announces future donation drives, events

Service Club has impacted thousands of people with donations each year ranging from pennies to warm clothing to non-perishable food items and this year is no different. Service Club will hold their yearly food and warm clothing drive this November. The coats and food will be donated to the Hope Emergency Agency in Batavia and Interparish Ministries food pantry in Newtown. The 2016-17 school year will mark the 20-year anniversary since starting both the coat and food drives.

“Both drives were started as the same time and we’re expanding to more organizations to donate the coats and food to. I want to give people empathy for others in need and get those people to go out and donate for the rest of their lives,” said Sam Roflow, theology teacher and Service Club moderator.

“Students have even continued to donate after graduating from McNicholas and some have even changed their college major plans to social work. It wasn’t their plan at first, but then it changed after being in Service Club,” he added.

The Student Philanthropy Club, a subgroup of Service Club, works with Magnified Giving each year, an organization that gives $1000 to high schools around Cincinnati to donate to the charitable agency of their choosing. Student Philanthropy Club is in the process of researching which organization they will choose to donate their $1000.

“The juniors and seniors are in the process of researching the possible organizations to donate the money given to them, but they go beyond just a check. This year, the students chose a veterans theme and are sending letters to veterans who have graduated from McNicholas,” Theology teacher and Student Philanthropy Club moderator David Sandmann said.

“The students and I fundraise every year to add on to the money given to us. We end up donating around $1500 to the organization we choose,” he added.

Service Club will be returning to clean up the Mount Washington Cemetery again at a date to still be determined and will organize the annual Penny Drive in January. To join Service Club, interested students should contact Roflow via email or a visit to his classroom.


Theology teacher Jeff Hutchinson-Smyth shows his contribution to the coat drive by donating his jacket. “I recently got a new jacket that works for me. This jacket is in good condition and fits me, but I know someone else could make great use of it and will wear it,” Hutchinson-Smyth said.

About Spencer Schultz

Spencer Schultz is a first year Journalist student and staff reporter for the McNicholas Milestone. He is involved in Service Club and Rocket Report. In his free time, he likes to play basketball, golf, and spend time with friends.


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