McNick hosts seven international students

McNick has hosted a variety of international students from across the globe, and a total of seven international students study at McNick this year. An international student is someone who will stay at McNick to receive their diploma and most go on to attend college in the U.S. as well. This year, the students come from China, South Korea, Mexico, and Vietnam. Five of the students came through Nacel, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to language study and international understanding, according to their  . The other two students came independently through other agencies.

Though McNick has no new international students enrolled for the next school year, international student recruitment begins February. “We’re hoping to have a few more new students join us next school year!” said Christina Mullis, Director of Admissions and Enrollment.

zacZhaowei “Zac” Chen  

Zac Chen is from Ningbo, China. He transferred into McNick his junior year, and is now a senior. He first heard about McNick through a friend that graduated from the school 3 years ago. At McNick, Chen is involved in Robotics club, and plans to go to college in the US to study mechanical engineering.

“Everybody here is very friendly. I also like how there are more class choices and I can choose what classes I want to take,” Chen said.

seonSeon Jin Kim

Seon Jin Kim is from Seoul, South Korea. She transferred to McNick her sophomore year, and is now a senior. Studying in America first sparked her interest after she made American friends at a summer camp back in South Korea. She is involved in Art club, Ecology Club and Mu Alpha Theta. She plans to go to college in the US with a major in international studies.

Her favorite part of McNick their encouragement to serve. “Service is very meaningful to me, and it makes me grow personally,” Kim said.

hueThi Hue Dinh

Thi Hue Dinh is from Hanoi, Vietnam and is a freshman at McNick. She is not involved in any activities this year, but plans to take part in sports next year. She said that her favorite part of McNick is the opportunities for her to express herself and develop her talent.

“I have found in the U.S. that you eat a lot of fast food and talk a lot, but they are things I love about the U.S.,” Dinh said.

jessicaJiayi “Jessica” Sun

Jessica Sun is from Beijing, China. She transferred to McNick as a junior and is a senior this year. She plans to go to college in the US and study some form of business. She is involved in intramural volleyball and International Club. She said her biggest transition from China to the US was the difference in culture.

“I’m really happy to be learning a lot from school, my friends, and my host family,” Sun said.

kenHen “Ken” Zhao

Ken Zhao is from Shanghai, China. He transferred to McNick as Junior and is a senior this year. He plans to go to college in the US and study kinesiology, the study of human movement. He is involved in track and wrestling.

“McNick is a good community and everyone is really nice,” Zhao said.

ximenaXimena Llamas

Ximena Llamas is from Mexico City, Mexico. She transferred to McNick this year as a sophomore, and plans to return home in June. She will be involved in Ski Club this year. She said her transition from Mexico to the US was rough because she is an only child and accustomed to seeing her parents daily. Her favorite aspect of McNick is how friendly everybody is.

“My favorite thing about the U.S. is that it is safe to walk around by yourself,” Llamas said.

rayYijie “Ray” Sun

Ray Sun is from Shanghai, China. He transferred in his sophomore year and is currently a junior. Sun plans to graduate McNick and attend college in the U.S. He says the teachers at McNick are kind and are patient whenever he has questions.

“Everything is different here in the U.S. I spent all of last year trying to adjust and I think I still need a few more years to totally understand U.S. culture,” Sun said.

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