Rockets beyond 2:40: Abigail Hamerstadt

McNick is full of over 600 students, each with a unique story and background. The McNicholas Milestone Staff will be featuring personality profiles on many of these students throughout the year. Students are randomly chosen using the letter generator, and then finding students on Schoology using the chosen letters. For this personality profile, the letters aligned with freshman Abigail Hamerstadt.

Abigail Hamerstadt, known as Abby, is a part of the freshman girls’ basketball team. She said that the sport is a major part to her life and that she loves it. “Basketball has been my favorite sport since first grade. I have been playing every year and I think it is so much fun. I love exercising and being on a team with all of my best friends, ” Hamerstadt said.

Hamerstadt is also involved in the McNick theater, and worked on stage crew in the production of Little Women. “Musicals are a great way to interact with other friends that I may not see a lot in a regular school day,” Hamerstadt said.

After a day at school, she does her homework with her two dogs, Bella and Gracie. She said she loves how they sit with her and keep her company while she works. Though her day is very busy, she has come to manage her time well. “My biggest struggle would have to be trying to balance school, extracurricular activities, and saving some time for friends. I have had to learn how to balance all of those things and it has been pretty hard, but I have finally learned an equal balance,” Hamerstadt said.

Abigail Hamerstadt (center) plays basketball for St. Veronica before coming to McNick. Two of her teammates, Abby Jarrold (left) and Lydia Geygan (right) came to McNick this year as well.


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