Students show dedication to after school jobs during holidays

Having a job during the school year could bring many issues to students, but some don’t find any with working during exams and the holidays.

Seniors Christiane Hazzard, Jacob Robb, and Hannah Straub spent their recent Thanksgiving holiday working and have chosen to work during exams and Christmas break as well. Straub is employed at Graeter’s, Hazzard at Shoe Department Encore, and Robb at Ramundo’s Pizzeria.

“Over Thanksgiving break I worked about 30 hours. Around holidays such as Thanksgiving, it is very busy, especially two days before Thanksgiving and on Black Friday. In December, it slows down until the 20th when my exams are, so I’ll study when I’m working and it isn’t busy. I’m taking some days off, so I’ll work around 25 hours over Christmas break,” Robb said.

“Our store hours are longer on holidays going from the usual 8 a.m. – 9 p.m. to 8 a.m. -10 p.m. I work 30+ hours during the holidays when we are busier. I advise customers to be courteous because employees like me are working extra hours, and we can’t control prices and what we have in stock. There are more workers because more customers are wanting, so the shoes go quick,” Hazzard said.

“[Shoe Dept. Encore] is pretty lenient on high school students during exams because they know it is a higher priority,” she added.

Straub finds it easier to work at Graeter’s during Thanksgiving and Christmas since not many people buy ice cream in the winter.

“Usually the holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas are busier for bakery, but in general we are very slow during the fall and winter because our prime product is ice cream, so obviously people buy more ice cream when it’s hot outside. Over Thanksgiving break I only worked about 10 hours, which I was a little disappointed about, but over Christmas break I want to work at least 20 hours a week,” Straub said.

“More customers should take advantage of all of the bakery items that we offer, other than ice cream,” she added.

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