Students share thoughts on how they’d spend $45k

Most people consider themselves less fortunate than others from prior damaging experiences, but discovering $45,000 could undeniably change a person’s mind and life forever.

In a story first appearing on, a 22-year-old male recently purchased a new home in Illinois. While going through the moving process and unpacking his possessions, he was told a small wooden door in his home was just an area storing his hot water heater. Two weeks after settling in, he became skeptical of what was behind the door and decided to look. He found a small crawlspace and searched inside finding two small suitcases containing a total of $45,000. The unnamed male said he regrets looking behind the door after discovering the money. He said the money will be going towards his mortgage.

As inspiration from this story, students around McNicholas were asked what they would do if they found $45,000 in their homes.

“If I found that much money I would save half of it and spend the other half on trips to Greece and Austria to visit my family members,” junior Janie Ferris said.

“The full $45,000 would be spent on a brand new 4-door 2016 hard top Jeep with a silver metallic exterior color, black rims, and red leather seats for the interior,” senior Ty DeBonis said. “I would install Bose speakers as well,” he added.

“I would save all but $15,000. The saved money would go towards college. I would give $5,000 to the charity Disabled American Veterans. I’d spend however much of the $10,000 left to buy immediate family members anything they need and I’d use the rest to buy whatever I wanted,” senior Vanessa Bayliss said.

Junior Sam Martin would choose a different path than Bayliss, DeBonis, and Ferris by donating all of the money instead of spending all or some of it.

“I would donate $25,000 of the found money to McNicholas to help out our sports teams and have lights installed at The Penn.  I would spend the remaining portion of the money on clothes and food for the homeless for Christmas,” Martin said.

Readers, feel free to comment below on how you would spend $45k.

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