Students of McNicholas share their artistic talents

The student artists of McNicholas have art pieces on display all around the school, showing the great talent each student has. However, people aren’t able to know the whole story behind the piece until they talk to the artists themselves.

Senior Cameron Cheevers is currently enrolled in AP Photo and plans to study photo journalism in college. She has shared a collection of her photos throughout McNick. The story behind these pieces was inspired by unconventional beauty. While walking one day she saw an old school bus on the side of the road and was pulled in by it. “I just tried to use a different perspective. Many times, it seems that people see old things, and think that they are gross and don’t want to go by it. Hopefully I encourage people around me to see beauty in all things, especially in things that we don’t consider ‘stereotypically beautiful,’” Cheevers said. She said she is quite happy with this work and is fortunate to share it with everyone at McNick.

Senior Noah Kohl is an AP Art student who has also shared his art throughout the school. A particular piece entitled “People Kill People” has a very impactful message that Kohl wanted others to know. “The biggest thing that inspired me to do this one is all of the gun violence going on in the world the past few years. You’ve got ISIS, things like Columbine, and other crimes that it seems everyone wants to mention, but nobody does anything. I wanted to basically state my current opinion and make a statement on gun violence.” Kohl said. The piece shows a criminal holding a father and daughter up at gunpoint. “Art is all subjective, so I don’t want to get too in-depth about what the backstory for this piece. I want people to be able to decide what the picture means to them, and develop a story from that,” Kohl added. The process was much different from his usual work in the sense that it was “much looser”  in order to develop his style. Kohl’s final statement on the piece was that he “wanted people to almost feel uncomfortable. I think that this is a popular and controversial topic, and something needs to be said about it. My main thesis point in this project was that guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Regardless of if it’s ISIS, kids shooting up a school, a person bringing a gun to a movie theater, or any other gun crime, it is ultimately the same violent tendencies that cause these people to commit the crime.”people-kill-people

Zac Chen is another McNick senior who strives to show plenty of talent in all of his work. His piece entitled “Design” shows his character as well as his art processes throughout time. He was inspired by an old, dusty candle at his grandmother’s house. He wanted to incorporate it into his art because he “felt it has experienced vicissitudes of life, so I want to show my feeling in my art work,” Chen said. “I put the concept of old and new together. The candle and apple show the sense of old and the graffiti represents the new culture.  When the new culture meets with the old style, there must be something new [appearing],” Chen added about his work as a whole.


Many artists fill the hallways of McNick with their talent. The pieces, however, hide their own stories.

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