Time may tick shorter on lunch periods for next school year

When a new school year begins, students know that tests and homework will soon pile up and many use the extended lunch bell to stay ahead of homework, so having less time for lunch may result in frustration.

At the start of the 2010-2011 school year, lunch periods changed from three 27-minute long periods to two 48-minute long periods for students to have enough time to eat and allow them to meet with teachers for help. Director of Student Life, Mike Orlando, is not quite sure that students are using their extra 21 minutes for lunch wisely.

“Students have been roaming the hallways and disrupting classes, so I’m not sure if meeting with teachers is happening. The idea of the change is not a punishment for students; we want to be more efficient, and I think there is a better plan out there,” Orlando said.

The proposal involves cutting the 48-minute lunch bell in half to maintain better control of the student population. “We would cut 5th and 6th period in half where students will get 24 minutes to eat lunch then a 24 minute study hall in their next class to catch up with teachers,” he added.

Junior Dillon Ridgway disagrees with the idea of change, “I would keep the 48 minute lunch periods because you could just study after you eat lunch and not have to move to your next bell so early, which would be study hall. Why do you need a study hall if you could just study during lunch in the café while talking and socializing with your friends,” he said.

“I want a 48 minute lunch for more time to talk with friends and play games. If there was a change to be made, lunches should be earlier in the day,” freshman Tyler Jenkins said.

The seniors will not be present if the time change occurred next school year, but Amy Powell is bound to help the younger students prevent it.

“I don’t think students would be happy with lunches being 24 minutes long. Some students might take longer than others to eat, which might not be enough time for students who buy from the café because the line gets long. Going to study hall after a short lunch won’t give students enough time to socialize with their friends and take a break from sitting in class either,” Powell said.

“I don’t like the idea,” said sophomore Jensen Minardi. “It just wouldn’t be enough time to relax and do homework,” she added.

Theology Teacher Teresa Davis thinks shorter lunches will help students in a different way. “I think 48 minute lunches is a wonderful thing, but not all students use their time wisely. I think having shorter lunches would help students mature,” she said

McNicholas renovated the café during the summer of 2016. New acquisitions to the café included round tables with green and yellow chairs, a stage, TV, wall decal, and a projector.

2 thoughts on “Time may tick shorter on lunch periods for next school year

  1. While some students might not use their time the best that they could during the second half of lunch, I think the 48 minute lunch should remain for years to come because many students do use their time well and those who do not have a ton of work to do are able to use the time to take a load off and be able to socialize and be rejuvenated for their remaining classes.

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