Annual pro-life movement set to go

Signs reading “Peace begins in the womb” and “Abortion stops one heart and breaks another” line the streets of Washington, D.C. every year during the anniversary of the legalization of abortion on Jan. 22, 1973. For the past 44 years, thousands of people protest the current legislation that allows abortions in all 50 states. It is unfortunate that it has been almost half of a century and these marches are still needed to end these merciless killings of the gifts that God has given to the Earth.

Over the years, the march has received little attention from the media. The news anchors have described it in the past as a few hundred people gathered on the steps of the Capitol Building. That is true, only a few hundred people can fit on the steps of the Capitol Building, but what they fail to mention are the other close to a million people marching alongside their brothers and sisters through the streets. Since there is little media coverage, the Family Research Council organized a “Blogs for Life” in D.C. to bring in pro-life bloggers to talk about strategies for getting more media coverage.

Catholics believe that abortion is murder, which is a mortal sin. God sent that baby to the Earth for a reason, and it is nobody’s place to send the baby back to God except God Himself. Students in McNick’s pro-life club, Rockets for Life, are strong believers that abortion is wrong, and they would like to see a change in legislation.

Spanish teacher and Rockets for Life club moderator Tracey Canisalez has been on the march more times than she can count. “The experience is always amazing and inspirational to see so many people together for the pro-life movement,” Canisalez said.

This year, a group of eight McNicholas students will head to D.C. with the St. Andrew-St. Elizabeth Ann Seton youth group on Thursday, Jan. 26. Each year before the march begins, a Mass and youth rally are held, and due to the increased numbers of people working for change, the pre-march events will be at ta the D.C. Armory instead of the Verizon Center. “It is amazing to see so many priests, nuns, seminarians, and young people at the Mass and youth rally,” Canisalez said.

“One time I saw women who had abortions with signs displaying their regret and remorse for their actions. I have met people whose moms had attempted abortion on them. I have met past abortion industry workers who had changed their minds about it because of the people praying outside of the building. All of these are beautiful people who have been moved,” Canisalez said.

In the future, Canisalez said that she would like to see the march as a continued tradition at McNick and to see more people get involved to pray for the defunding of abortion.

For more information on the 2017 March for Life and for more ways to get involved in this effort, visit the official website.

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