Roving Rocket: Students spread peace, love, support

“Roving Rocket” is a weekly publication in the McNicholas Milestone. In each edition, the Milestone staff poses a question about a current event to the McNicholas student body and publishes responses of one student from each grade level. This week’s question was: What are your thoughts for trying to promote peace in light of the recent hate instances at the Jewish center and Withrow High School?

chloe“It’s terrible and we should send them cards showing love, and support them all around,” Chloe Maushart, Class of 2020.


colin“We should be there for them and try to help them out in their time of need,” Colin Duncan, Class of 2019.





nadiaWe need to get rid of racism completely and treat everyone the way you would want to be treated, as we learned as kids,” Nadia Bentley, Class of 2018.


noahThe most important thing that we can
do is to show support for them and rally around them. Having a fundraiser would be a good idea,” Noah Kohl, Class of 2017.

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