Roving Rocket: Students suggest dance improvements

“Roving Rocket” is a weekly publication in the McNicholas Milestone. In each edition, the Milestone staff poses a question about a current event to the McNicholas student body and publishes responses of one student from each grade level. This week’s question was: How would you improve school dances to boost student interest?

donnelly“I think more student-chosen music and more food would attract more students to the dances. Having a caterer of some sort would be fun.” — Michael Donnelly, Class of 2020.

jake-watford“I would want the gym to be cooler. People are always getting super sweaty and hot and that makes it harder to dance.” — Jake Watford, Class of 2019.






“I want more student-requested music, and I would change up the DJ or music selection occasionally.” Kiernan Meakin, Class of 2018.

lauren-alvey“I really enjoy the dances the way that they are, but if I had to change something, I think that it would be fun to have the dances at a different location. Moving the venue might make the dances seem more special and fun than they already are.” —Lauren Alvey, Class of 2017.

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