Milestone staff offers options for Valentine cookies from café

Anyone who has purchased lunch in the café in the past week or so has probably noticed the heart shaped cookie that is available for advanced purchase for Valentine’s Day for only $5.  The cookies will be delivered during lunch bells and are customizable with up to three words. The Milestone staff has decided to offer a little help to those who might need a little help with their three words on the “love”liest day of the year.  Below are the McNicholas Milestone top staff picks for the customizable word choices (we hope you have as much fun reading them as we did deciding on them – and please remember, this is all in good fun).cookie-pic

  1. Go Away, Creep
  2. You’re mine now
  3. Call me maybe
  4. Eat Mor Chikin
  5. Give me Food
  6. Mardi Gras, Please?
  7. Please Stop Talking
  8. Kanye West Foreva
  9. I’m Loving It
  10. Off the Hook


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