Rockets express thoughts on Brandon Phillips trade

After watching their second baseman make jaw-dropping plays for over a decade, Cincinnati Reds fans now have to watch Brandon Phillips make those plays for another team.

The Reds announced on Feb. 12 that they had reached an agreement to trade Phillips to the Atlanta Braves in exchange for left-handed pitcher Andrew McKirahan and right-hander Carlos Portuondo. Phillips will receive a no-trade clause from Atlanta, while the Reds are responsible for $13 Million of the remaining salary of Phillips’ contract.

“I’m kind of glad the Reds finally traded Brandon. He was a fantastic player in the past, but he is getting old and the Reds are rebuilding. He is still a fairly productive second baseman, but it was time for him to go and clear some room for younger players like Jose Peraza and Dilson Herrera to develop,” junior Wade Brokamp said.

Fans will miss watching Phillips drive in runs and make unbelievable plays, but will miss his love for them most.

“It was sad to see Brandon had been traded out of Cincinnati. He was definitely my favorite player to watch on the Reds growing up because of his flare on the field and his love toward the fans,” senior Brendan Snyder said. “The fans will miss his amazing plays, attitude, and leadership and I wish him nothing but the best as he goes to play for his hometown of Atlanta,” he added.

English teacher and partial season ticket holder Julie Muething knew a trade involving Phillips was coming.

“Jay Bruce was my favorite player on the Reds before he was traded away, but I wasn’t surprised to see Phillips go too. I will miss watching him play, but am excited to see who replaces him,” Muething said.

Readers, feel free to comment on how you feel about Phillips being traded.

Brandon Phillips attempts to turn double play at first base after getting Lastings Milledge out at second. Phillips played 11 seasons at second base for the Reds. Photo courtesy of

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