Four reasons to go see ‘Lego Batman’

By: David Waterman

This month’s movie focus is on Lego Batman. The review includes limited spoilers mostly consisting of mainly background information. Still trying to decide whether or not to spend nearly $10 on a movie aimed toward children? The Milestone has four reasons why you should hit the theatre this weekend to see it before it’s gone.

Character Robin, voiced by Michael Cera, tries on various Batman costumes. Robin’s name is Dick Grayson, and he is accidentally adopted by Batman, voiced by Will Arnett. The Lego Batman movie has been in theatres since Feb. 10. Image courtesy of Lego Batman.

Reason 1: While this movie is loosely based off the successful 2014 Lego Movie, it is not a sequel; it is a standalone movie. While there are some minor details that come directly from the Lego Movie universe, it is clear that Lego Batman doesn’t need its predecessor to succeed.

Reason 2: This movie is jam-packed with references from all over the Batman universe, both from the comics and movies. It alludes to the plots of the movies through character dialogue and background clips. At the beginning of the movie, the Joker declares that his plan will work, while another character wittily said, “What about the two boats plan?” These reference the plot of The Dark Knight, and the failed Joker scheme.

Reason 3: The humor in this movie is worth the watch. Lego Batman is incredibly adept at producing well-thought out jokes and punchlines. There are few moments in the movie that don’t delight, entertain, or produce a laugh from the audience.

Reason 4: The director takes on the new style of Lego animation in combination with special effects first pioneered by Lego Movie, making this art form is expertly crafted and incredibly pleasing to Lego enthusiasts and casual viewers alike.

Verdict: Lego Batman is an excellently crafted comedy which delights children and adults alike. Full of laughs and fun, this movie is absolutely worth the cost of a ticket and popcorn.

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