Students speak out against abortion in speech contest

By Ellie White

On March 10, McNicholas students participated in the National Right to Life Oratory Contest. This contest featured McNicholas seniors and juniors giving an original pro-life speech on abortion, infanticide, euthanasia, or stem cell research.

The contest literature said the purpose was to “promote the ability of high school juniors and seniors to share their pro-life views with others.” More information can be found on the National Right to Life website. Each speech had to be 5-7 minutes long, and contestants were expected to research and write their own speech. The contest took place in the Café and Student Union at 4 p.m. on March 10. There were three judges listening to each speech, Tina Ramundo, the Coordinator of Children’s Religious formation at IHM, Brother Edward Kesler, the 7th and 8th grade religion teacher at IHM, and Laura Curran, the Executive Director of Pregnancy Center East.

According to Rockets for Life moderator Tracey Canisalez, students’ speeches were judged on their memory, content, organization, style, transitions, and voice and diction. Winners of the Oratory Contest move on to the Ohio Right to Life Contest in Columbus and have a chance to participate in the National Contest this summer in Milwaukee.

“Even if they lose the Ohio Contest, they become pretty well-known speakers, and can be invited to other political and prolife events,” Canisalez said.

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