McNicholas High School hosts biennial career day

By Ellie White

Every other year, McNicholas invites professionals for Career Day, giving students a chance to hear from those working in professions that interest them. This year’s Career Day is during the morning of March 14. “The purpose is to expose students to many different careers they might not have known existed or didn’t know much about,” guidance counselor and Career Day organizer Matt Wehrman said.

 Students should keep an open mind about the speakers and the jobs they hear about on Career Day. “The big thing is knowing that A, there are many different ways to get to different careers, and B, Knowing that there are a lot more careers out there than just the stereotypical engineer and business,” Wehrman said.

Presenters for the 2017 Career Day include a city councilperson, automotive sales rep, firefighter, intervention specialist, community affairs rep, and water engineer.

Wehrman said students should enjoy career day and try to take away information on careers they might be interested in. “I hope that everybody takes it seriously and just enjoys the information they are given… The last time we did this I had a good response from students and speakers, so I hope to have a similar response this year,” Wehrman said.  

Students should have received their Career Day schedules, and the presentations will begin immediately after A bell on March 14.

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