Creative writing class prepares 2017 Reflections

McNick’s annual literary journal, Reflections, is now accepting submissions for the 2017 edition.

Reflections is a literary journal featuring works by the students of McNick. Students are free to submit any of their own original work including songs, poems, drawing, photographs, essays, personal reflections, short stories, and much more. The creative writing class, under the guidance of English Teacher Emma Colella, edits and designs the final Reflections publication.

Colella encouraged students to submit their work. “Students should submit because their work is usually better than they think it is,” Colella said. “You don’t get a lot of opportunities to publish your work and it gives you the chance to make your mark at McNick.”

Senior and creative writing student Ashley Lathon-Calhoun admitted there was some fear when she first submitted her work. “It’s scary the first time you submit because you’re putting a side of yourself out there that some of your peers haven’t seen,” Lathon-Calhoun said. “However, after you get over that fear, it’s nothing but joy and excitement.”

Submissions for Reflections 2017 will be accepted until March 24. To make a submission, email Colella ( with the writing attached as a word file, and put “Reflections” as the subject line of the email. No work will be published as anonymous. Reflections is also looking for a cover design. Those interested in designing the cover should send it to Colella as well.

The cover for Reflections 2016 was designed by then-senior Sally Daoud. Submissions for the 2017 version can be submitted until March 24. All submissions should be emailed to Moderator Emma Colella at

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