Roving Rocket: Students share favorite McNick sports

“Roving Rocket” is a weekly publication in the McNicholas Milestone. In each edition, the Milestone staff poses a question about a current event to the McNicholas student body and publishes responses of one student from each grade level. This week’s question was: What is your favorite McNick sporting event to attend?

vogler“My favorite sporting event to attend is basketball games. I love how big and loud the student section gets.” —Jillian Vogler, Class of 2020.

clark“My favorite sporting event at McNick is the men’s basketball games. I like them because the whole school is there and there is a lot of school spirit.” —Andrew Clark, Class of 2019.





kling“Definitely basketball games because it is fun to cheer on the guys in my grade and watch them compete together. It is truly something special to watch.” —Mitch Kling, Class of 2018.

Zwirn“Varsity Basketball games because they are always good and fun to watch. Plus the section is always crazy.” —Iris Zwirn, Class of 2017.

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