Sports Play of the Month: Women’s lacrosse falls to Centerville at home opener

The Women’s Lacrosse Team fell to the Centerville Elks on March 22 at their home opener. The Rockets came off a 6-15 loss to Anderson the night before. As of March 23, the Rockets were 0-2 with their next game on April 5 at McAuley High School.

The starting lineup for the Rockets includes midfielders seniors Christine Collete and Lauren Riede, and junior Julia Lind; offensive players seniors Emily Browning, Emma Hughes, Katie McHugh, and Iris Zwirn; and defensive players senior Madison Marcum, junior Kylie Byrne, and freshman Sydney Mallaley, with sophomore Katie McCourt as goalie.

In the first minute of playing, the Lady Elks won the draw and ran down the field, scoring the first goal of the game. It took more than a few minutes for the Rockets to recover, and Lind scored the first Rocket goal. That was the only goal for the team in the first half.

The second goal came near the end of the second half from Riede. The Elks dropped the ball near the 50 yard line, and Riede scooped it up, ran to the goal, and threw it in. Riede is a captain of the team, as well as Byrne, Lind, and Marcum. “I think the game could have gone better. Everyone worked hard, but I think we just need to come together as a team more and really make sure we all have the fundamentals down,” Riede said.

The only card given during the game was a yellow card to McHugh for a dangerous shot on goal. A dangerous shot is defined as “following through with her crosse in a dangerous or uncontrolled manner at any time,” according to NCAA Women’s Lacrosse.  A yellow card means that the player has to sit out of the game for two minutes, and during that time, the player’s team is down a person.

The game concluded with a score of McNick 2, Centerville 13. For the full schedule for the Women’s Lacrosse Team, visit the athletics tab at

The Women’s Lacrosse Team faced Centerville on March 22, losing 13-2. The two goals were scored by junior Julia Lind and senior Lauren Riede. Goalie sophomore Katie McCourt had 27 saves.

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