McNicholas Art Show set to dazzle on April 20

The 2017 McNicholas Art Show is set for April 20, beginning during an all-school assembly at 1:45 p.m. in the main gym. The Art Show will showcase work by the entire McNick Art Department, utilizing both fine and performing art talent. Parents are welcome to attend.

“[We put on the Art Show] to showcase all of the talented artists and performers that we have in the building. We have extremely talented students and this is an opportunity for them to shine,” said Mel Gaskins, Fine and Performing Arts Department Chair and architecture and ceramics teacher. “Our Art Show gives our artists the opportunity to experience what is to come in their artistic career,” she added. “It is also important for our artists to show their work and experience their peers and parents critiquing their works of art.”

Nearly all art mediums will be represented at the Art Show, including displays of ceramics, architecture, drawing and painting, black and white photography, and digital art. New this year, there will also be performances by the Jazz Band, Choir, and theater groups.

“The show helps us art students see that our work is actually art to be taken seriously. It is easy to feel like our work gets lost in the mix in art class, but seeing it all on display really shows off everyone’s unique talents,” senior Molly Smith said. Smith has had drawings and paintings displayed in the Art Show two years before, and will add digital design pieces to her work on display this year.

In previous years, the Art Show has been an evening event, linked with the annual Academic Awards. This year, however, the two events are separate, both taking place during a school day to ensure better attendance. The events are happening separately because one bulk event would take too much time out of one school day, especially with the addition of performance art to the Art Show this year. The Academic Awards will take place on May 10 at 8 a.m.

“I’m excited that the Art Show is on its own this year as opposed to being grouped in with the Academic Awards,” Smith said. “The focus will be purely on the show instead of it being an afterthought of people attending the Academic Awards.”

“[We will just have to see how this new experience goes,” Gaskins said. “[The Art Department] hopes it is a successful event for not just our artistic students, but for those who are thinking about taking one of the arts. Hopefully, they will learn more about all of the fine and performing art classes that are available for them to take and can choose one that fits them the best. Rocket High is so lucky to have a lot of great artistic experiences for our students.”

emily art
AP Photography student Emily Ferguson selects photographs to display at the Art Show. As an AP Photography student, Ferguson receives a full display panel, on which she can display four of her pieces.

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