Students inducted into language, art honor societies

On April 25, McNicholas students were inducted into the World Language Honor Societies, and on May 4, students were inducted into the National Art Honor Society. The inductees in the World Language Honor Societies included French students sophomore McKenzie Miller, and juniors Veronica Menedez and Trevor Wray; Latin student junior Jude Gerrard; and Spanish students sophomore Audrey Estes, juniors Fernando Aguiluz, Kennedy Brennan, Wade Brokamp, Gabriela Scorti, and seniors Lauren Alvey, Emily Veith, Maddie Ventre, and Mandy Woll.

The art students inducted include sophomores Julia Smith, Sophie Sponsler, and Brenna Three; juniors Haley Baker, Erin Dugan, Tiffany Hayward, Skyler Lance, Brett Liming, and Abbey Pour; and seniors Cameron Cheevers, Zac Chen, Logan Farwick, Carmen Feck, Lily Gephardt, Noah Kohl, Molly Jorden, Evan Pour, Molly Smith, and Mackenzie Wagner.

The requirements to become a member of the World Language Honor Societies are that students must have completed three years of their chosen language and be registered to take the language in the fourth year.  Students must also maintain a certain grade average. In French, students need at least 93 average in French (all three years) and they need a B average in all of their other classes. In Latin, students must have a 93 average, plan on taking a 4th year, and show exemplary citizenship. For Spanish, students also need a 93 average, plan on taking a 4th year, and show a live interest in the language.

The requirements to become a member of the Art Honor Society are that the student must be nominated by their teacher, maintain an A average in at least 2 semesters of a fine arts class, and show an interest in an arts career. The nomination lasts for one year only.

Woll, a Spanish Honor Society inductee, said she sees taking Spanish as a good way to communicate with others better. “Because I took 4 years of Spanish, I now know what people in movies are saying and when I hear people out in public, I can pick up on key words in their conversations if they are speaking in Spanish,” she said. She does not plan on continuing her Spanish career in college.

Senior Lily Gephardt was inducted into the Art Honor Society. “This could help me in the future because many colleges view a student as being part of an honor society as a great accomplishment,” Gephardt said. She does plan on continuing her art career in college. “I am majoring in media arts and studies at Ohio University. There can be many possible art-related careers that come out of that, such as a design, film work, or anything related to digital media. I plan to continue my photography career in college,” Gephardt said. She enjoys photography because it allows her to spend time in nature and appreciate the little things in the world. “Anything can make a good photograph if you look at it in a new way,” she said.

McNicholas sophomores, juniors, and seniors are inducted into the World Language Honor Societies on April 25. The languages include French, taught by Mrs. Julie Dill, Latin, taught by Mr. Paul Romolo, and Spanish, taught by Mrs. Carla Wessels.

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