Seniors create new cheering section club for sporting events

By Maggie Deller

The name Launchpad is not new to McNicholas students. What is new, though, is that this year it is being introduced as more than the student cheering section but as an official club. Seniors Alex Ballou and Maria Randolph are beginning the Launchpad Club, a club open to every student that, according to Ballou and Randolph, will aim to bring more members of the student body to sporting events, especially those sports that typically do not have audience.

“[We want] to try to organize student sections at as many sporting events as possible,” Ballou said. “[The goal] is to get more student interest in sports [that are] less popular.”

Ballou said that a larger audience for sports like bowling and cross country would improve school spirit as well as encourage the athletes.

Other clubs, such as Spirit Club, offers students other chances to show their McNicholas pride. Launchpad “is a branch of Spirit Club,” Ballou said.

Launchpad plans to meet at home games for all sports. For sports that do not have home games, such as bowling, the club plans to travel to the events’ locations. Transportation will be set up with upper classmen and parents driving before each event.

To join Launchpad, students should email either Ballou or Randolph . They will inform club members of the details of each meeting via email.

“I want it to have more support for teams that don’t usually get much support,” Randolph said. She expects “higher spirits” and “more enthusiasm” to start showing at games.

The student cheering section at McNicholas’s home games has been called “The Launchpad” for many years. For the 2017-2018 school year, though, two seniors have decided to turn “The Launchpad” into a club that will work to support the lesser known sports during their home events.

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