McNicholas Theater holds talent show for hurricane relief

By Abbey Pour

The McNicholas theater classes hosted a talent show, Seasons of Love, on Sept. 16 with showings at 6 and 8 p.m. The annual talent show typically takes place during second semester, but was rescheduled for an earlier date to fundraise for hurricane relief.

Theater Director Teresa De Zarn and her Theater IV class made this change in response to hurricane and the damage that it caused. “I just thought, ‘we should be doing something to help,’” De Zarn said. “We need to do something. We’ve got to get creative.”

Senior Thespian President Lauren Mindrum explained that the talent show was about sending love from the McNicholas community to the people affected by the hurricane. “[The talent show] gives the students a way to help the people affected and show how talented people are,” Mindrum said.

Faculty and alumni were involved in the talent show as well. “It’s great because it really helps us find our community as bigger than just the people inside the school… Music and performing is a beautiful way to be all that more inclusive,” De Zarn said. The talent show acts included different kinds of singing, stand-up comedy and more.

De Zarn plans to send proceeds from the show to the  JJ Watt Foundation. “The kids did their research. They really researched the different fund groups and they found that this one had the widest spread outreach to the people who needed it the most,” she said. The theater will not profit from any proceeds. “This one is truly a fundraiser for the disaster relief,” De Zarn said. At press time, the talent show raised over $2000, with online donations still being processed.

A link was set up for extra donations from anyone who couldn’t make it to the show or wanted to give more than admission price. “Whoever can make it can make it,” De Zarn said. “A lot of people have other commitments.”

“We are just a small microcosm of the relief effort,” De Zarn said, “but it’s like the ocean. Every drop in the ocean counts, so whatever little we can do actually in the long run means a lot.”

Talent Show
During lunch on September 15, Seniors Alexandra Smith, Gabriela Scorti and Lauren Mindrum promote the talent show, Seasons of Love. The talent show featured the song “Seasons of Love,” sung by senior thespians.

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