Students reminded of common McNicholas rules

In October 2017, Director of Student Life Mike Orlando reminded McNicholas students of the school cell phone policy. This raised awareness for students and prompted the need for a reminder of other commonly broken rules.

Cell phones

The cell phone policy allows students to have their cell phone with them, “but it should remain in your pocket unless you are in the café or in the library,” Orlando said. “There’s a time and place for it.” The cell phone policy exists because “it is a safety thing,” Orlando said, one reason being so students do not constantly look down. “It opens yourself up to other issues involving the camera,” Orlando added.


A second commonly broken rule is the lanyard policy. “The lanyard policy is a safety issue,” Orlando said. In the case that there may be an intruder in the building or McNick would be on lock down, there needs to be easy identification. “It has been recommended to us by law enforcement,” Orlando said, so officials can identify students in the case of emergency.


The uniform policy is also important at McNick. “It’s more a neatness thing,” Orlando said. One example is students not being allowed to wear sweatpants underneath their skirts. “I think perception is important for guests in the building,” Orlando said. “We can dress neat and look professional and be able to dress accordingly.”


McNick also does not allow students to sport eccentric hairstyles and colors. This includes “anything out of the norm that [is] not natural,” Orlando said. Examples of hair colors that are considered eccentric are bright, unnatural types of reds, pinks, blues, and greens. Dyed hair that could pass as natural is allowed, such as blonds, natural reds, and brunettes. Male students with long hair must have it pulled up. “There are many ways to show uniqueness and personality,” Orlando said. The main issue with eccentric hairstyles and colors is keeping standards.


Misconduct during liturgy is also not allowed at McNick. “If we’re in church, there is behavior that I think we know is acceptable and not,” Orlando said. This includes not having earbuds in, phones out, or sleeping. “If you are here you need to respect the mass,” Orlando said. “We’re just trying to teach the right thing to our kids.”

In regards to commonly broken rules, Orlando said “phones are the biggest.” Other commonly broken rules include students leaving school sick without contacting the main office and parents showing up without warning to pick them up.

“Our kids are great,” Orlando said. “We abide by the rules and do the right things in most occasions.” Concerning rules, “you have to go along with it,” Orlando said. “We’re just trying to teach some things in life.”

To avoid receiving demerits for breaking rules, students can always access the Student/Parent Handbook on the McNicholas website by accessing this link.



The Student/Parent handbook states the rules that should be followed at McNicholas. Director of Student Life Mike Orlando reminded the school in October 2017 of the cell phone policy. As well as that, students should be following all of McNick’s rules.


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