It’s not time to grow up; students should be allowed to trick or treat

By Faith Miller

One of Halloween’s staples is trick or treating. However, some believe that there should be an age limit on that fun, typically when children begin high school. However, this isn’t the case.

Halloween is normally marketed by being a holiday for all ages. However, there tends to be a stigma against trick or treating for those in high school, even if someone is not an adult yet. “I am one of few that believe that trick or treating is truly for all ages,” freshman Madeline Daley said. She added that there shouldn’t be an age limit on the fun. Like most who are in the Halloween spirit, she is also planning on trick or treating this year.

For some, they will not trick or treat this year and instead just hang out with friends, have a party, or relax that night. However, they do believe that trick or treating should be acceptable for anyone of any age to do if they wish. “It’s kind of like if people want to stop, they can stop,” junior Vinny Ramundo said. Junior Nate Chambers agreed, saying that he may not trick or treat, but he does believe that there should not be an age limit for it.

Some do believe that there is an age limit on trick or treating when children reach high school age. The argument is that trick or treating is meant for little kids and that high school students that trick or treat are taking candy away from kids. In an Oct. 6 article from, the Canadian province of New Brunswick just enacted a law stating that no one over the age of 16 is permitted to participate in the trick or treat tradition.

Although the intention may be genuine, this argument fails to realize that it essentially forces people who are not adults yet to grow up faster than necessary. Nowadays, people are being pushed to grow up faster, having to worry too much about the future to the point where it starts to become stressful. Instead, they should be enjoying holidays, including Halloween, and should be able to participate in trick or treating while they are still young. If there is an age limit on trick or treating, it should be at adulthood, instead of stripping fun away from students trying to live out their youth.

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