McNick dresses in Halloween spirit

Halloween calls on some of the most creative people around the school to dress up for the festivities. This year, The Milestone wanted to show off some of the hard work it took for some students and teachers of McNicholas High School to put together their costumes.

wrFreshman Boyd Bramble came to school dressed as the Joker from the Suicide Squad (2016) movie. Actor Jared Leto played the role in the film. “I wanted to do the regular Joker, but I didn’t have enough money, so I went the cheap route,” Bramble said. The costume earned him the first place in the second lunch bell’s Halloween costume contest.

5defu6g7Sophomore Chloe Maushart dressed up as Carl Grimes from the TV series The Walking Dead. Maushart’s costume was especially accurate courtesy of her eye makeup. She said it it might look challenging to put on, but “[The eye took] less than half an hour,” Maushart said.  To get the makeup’s proper look, she used tape, molding wax, grease paint, and fake blood. However, she said if she could one change one thing about her costume she would have added more adhesives to make the prosthetic adhere better to her face.






Math teachers Bill Losekamp, Steve Dalton, Katherine Tyler, Kendra Lonneman, photography teacher Rebecca Carmel, Math Department Chair Ashley Brothers, and math teacher Christine Sennett wore a group costume for Halloween this year. Collectively, they dressed up as shark week, with each person representing one day of the week. “We had been brainstorming for almost a month,”4eyu Brothers said. This creative idea had been suggested by Carmel, and it only took one day to design the signs and paint the shirts. The only downside to this costume was that the shark hats had trouble staying on their heads for a long time, Brothers said.








Senior Sam Veeneman’s costume may look somewhat unimpressive, but it’s a clever idea. This year, Veeneman dressed up as a bag of ‘Eminems.’ No, not M&Ms like the candy, but Eminem like the rapper, creating a clever play-on-words. The only thing he said he would do differently if he had the chance would be to make the pictures bigger and more in quantity. Veeneman said he chose this costume because he and his friend really like Eminem.  He added that his friend dressed similarly as well.


Art teacher Willy Corbett made a wearable mask for Halloween. According to Corbett, “[It’s supposed to be] kind of a T-Rex.” The mask itself took about 10 hours to complete. It was made out of papier-mâché and milk cartons, and then painted. Fortunately, on Oct. 31, Corbett was able to help his grandson finish his own dinosaur costume in time for trick or treating that night.


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