Students share mixed views on timing of Christmas celebrations

Stores display Christmas decorations and trees, radio stations play Christmas song classics, and the weather drops colder which brings about the question: Is it too early to begin preparing for Christmas? As McNicholas enters into November, students share their mixed opinions on the timing of Christmas festivities when Thanksgiving has yet to arrive.

Senior Lindsey Hamad said, “It’s not too early [to begin celebrating]. I think after Halloween you are ready to celebrate the rest of the holidays…this time of year is really joyful and happy. That’s why I like to celebrate as soon as possible. I know Thanksgiving comes first, but I think the two come hand-in-hand.”

Senior Matt Baker agreed. “I think that it’s not too early because Halloween is over and Thanksgiving isn’t seasonal – it’s more of a one-day event.” Baker said that the appropriate time to begin celebrating Christmas “depends on the person.” “If you really love Christmas, you can celebrate it all year round,” he said. “Nobody should be a Scrooge to other people who enjoy the holiday.”

“Because there’s cold weather and stores already have their Christmas stuff out… How could you not get in the Christmas mood?” junior Sarah Snyder said. She said the appropriate time to begin celebrating is now, at the start of November.

Social studies teacher Randy Royal said, “It is not too early to begin preparing for Christmas.” Royal said he starts buying Christmas gifts “probably before July” and also sorts out holiday travel plans early. “Christmas is the birth of Christ, God’s greatest gift. For me, I combine Thanksgiving into that because what’s better to give thanks for?” Royal said. “Christmas is all about family and togetherness, so why shouldn’t it be one big happy season? Why wait to enjoy the season?”

Mathematics teacher Steve Dalton shared similar ideas. “I’ve already decided how I’m going to decorate the outside of my house,” he said. “The Thanksgiving family meal is the preparation for Christmas,” Dalton said. He added that Thanksgiving and Christmas are both “celebration[s] for our own family and our Catholic family.”

Senior Sami Moser disagreed and said it is too early to begin celebrating Christmas, “because we haven’t celebrated Thanksgiving yet.” “Thanksgiving is a very important holiday that should have more attention,” she said. “Thanksgiving feels left out.” Moser said that the appropriate time to begin celebrating Christmas is after Thanksgiving.

Junior Sam Durm agreed, saying November is too early “due to the fact that we can’t just forget Thanksgiving.”

“You should not celebrate anything Christmas-y before Thanksgiving,” senior Ann Rieke said. “Thanksgiving deserves the whole month of November.” Rieke said that the appropriate time to begin celebrating Christmas is “the day after Thanksgiving.”

Senior Erica Gumbert deemed it too early to begin celebrating Christmas because, “there is a whole other holiday – Thanksgiving – before Christmas.” She added, “Y’all can just follow Hallmark’s 25 Days of Christmas special.”

Sophomore Kaden Dehner said it is too early to start celebrating Christmas, “because Thanksgiving hasn’t even come yet.” “There’s still two months ’til Christmas,” he said. “I love Christmas, but there’s still weeks to go ‘til Thanksgiving.”


Senior Lindsey Hamad listens to Christmas music after school in the McNicholas library during November. While some students oppose celebrating Christmas before Thanksgiving, others enjoy the early festivities.

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