Milestone staffers share gratitude for McNick

In honor of Thanksgiving, The Milestone staff decided to compile a list of what we’re thankful for at McNick.  Please know that we are grateful for you, all of our readers. Without you, we would have no reason to write nor would we have some of our story ideas.  In only 10 minutes we compiled the list below.  What would you add that you are thankful for at McNick? Comment below.

Chocolate chip cookies

Senior express lunch line

Pep rallies


Bagpipes (and Mr. Lowden playing them for us as freshmen and seniors)

School spirit

Counselors being helpful with college preparation

Teachers who approach the whole student instead of just the grade/number

Our water not having lead

Football stadium lights

The workout we get walking up the convent stairs

All the different ways to get involved


Lunch ladies

Different speakers we have come and speak to us

Friday Morning Mass

The McNicholas Milestone

Lunch bells that weren’t cut in half

Talented sports teams

Dedicated thespians


No deadline on shorts

Having a demerit system vs. “straight out detentions’

Comfy chairs in the lobby

Mrs. Ray’s cookie Mondays

Activity lunches in the library

No homework over Thanksgiving Break (hint, hint)

Thanksgiving Break


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