New faucets shine in girls’ bathroom

By Erica Gumbert

New faucets were installed in the senior hall girls’ bathroom on Jan. 10 to replace the previously faulty faucets.

The change was prompted by an email Executive Director Dave Jackson received from sophomore Marie Steinkuhl, in which she was seeking to improve the school. “Don’t be afraid to take polite action and contact people who can make a difference” Steinkuhl said. Rather than having signs posted above the sinks showing which way to turn the knobs as Steinkuhl had suggested in her email, Jackson thought it would be better to have the faucets replaced.

“I complimented her for having foresight and trying to seek a resolution rather than someone complaining but not trying to resolve the situation,” Jackson said.

The old faucets could never be completely turned off and had the sinks flooding with running water almost every day. Many girls were frustrated with the issue, but did not think to inform a staff member since they rarely used that bathroom. “Our old faucets flat out didn’t work correctly. You had to forcefully turn the nob off and the water still wouldn’t turn off,” senior Claire Dotson said.

Junior Christina Poole said, “I am very happy about [the faucets].”

The faucet renovation has spurred the thought of other possible renovations in the girls’ restrooms.

According to Jackson, more fundraising may lead to more renovations in the future, such as a better security system involving video surveillance and more updating of both the boys’ and girls’ bathrooms. Stronger systems in place will “benefit the community at large with the benefit of security,” since safety is an important aspect of the school, Jackson said.

“I feel a strong sense of Rocket pride whenever I see new renovations around our school,” senior Alexandria Battaglia said.

Junior Emily Byrne and senior Sofia Andersson test out the new faucet renovation. Some students said they felt the pleasantness of their bathroom experience increased with the updated sinks.

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